?Occupy Means?

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Lynn Belcher – Gahanna, Ohio –

The best way to describe what the occupy movement means to me is to quote Sal Alinski, “History is a relay of revolutions; the torch of idealism is carried by the revolutionary group until this group becomes the establishment, and then quietly the torch is put down to wait until a new revolutionary group picks it up for the next leg of the run  thus the revolutionary cycle goes on.”


Jared Chaflin – Commack, NY –

The Occupy Movement is something I stumbled upon on one of the first days it started in New York.  I was heading downtown to see a concert when I noticed all of the people around Wall Street, and naturally I was intrigued. Research led me to information on Occupy Wall Street and what it was all about.  Our country needed something like this, something to wake us up out of our apathetic states and try and fix the inequality that plagues us.  For a country so reliant on it’s blue collar & working class citizens, it’s horrifying to see the way many can barely afford to provide for their families.  It was truly inspiring to see people come together all over the country to actually try and bring light to this problem, which is something not many seem to want to do.  To me, the Occupy Movement is the beginning of a new social climate, one in which complacency will die out and people will fight and be active for what is right and fair.  While the country won’t change overnight, this is the start of something promising and important and it’s crucial that it continues to exist in some capacity.


Senntina Spataro – Columbus, Ohio –

This movement has been a long time coming.  I am a hard working single woman, who has succeeded in building a wonderful business.  I have been very fortunate; truly blessed.  I am filled with anticipation that things can turn around in this wonderful country, and that life can be just as rewarding for my children, and grandchildren.  Our voices need to be heard, for the sake of THEIR futures.  Right now, it seems that opportunity is evaporating before our eyes.  Times are tough.  I am hopeful that America can be restored.  The Occupy movement has given us back our hope in the future.


 Jennifer Sephens – Catonsville, Maryland –

I have worked with seniors for over 5 years now. When I first started working in nursing homes, residents were averaging to be about 70-80 years old, born in the 20s and 30s and growing up in the 40s and 50s. Now, residents are 60-70 years old, born in the 40s and 50s and growing up during some of the most prolific and impacting revolutionary societal and cultural movements to date.

When Occupy Wall Street first erupted, I knew this would be something that some of the residents I work with would be very interested in following. I began sharing the news clips with them and watching live feeds. I heard stories of protest and revolution from decades past. We drew parallels and pointed out differences between then and now. Hearing first hand accounts of civil rights movements, riots and protests and comparing them to the events unfolding in Zucotti Park (and in cities worldwide) was truly amazing. Sharing these events with those who witnessed true change, and hearing their validation… It was like being given the “go-ahead”.

I love the fact that there is a compilation of music that identifies this movement. The music that was spawned (and that fueled) the movements in the 60s (in my personal opinion) is some of the best music out there. Lyrics and song combined to send amessage. And to me, that’s what Music for Occupy does as well. Songs that send a message. Whether it’s of hope, love, change, equality… It’s all real.

Succinctly, what this movement means to me… Something to talk about. Somethingreal to talk about. Ideas that inspire deep and profound change in our societal structure. Ideas that promote sustainability through unity and equality. Ideas that bridge generational gaps. Young or old, black or white, weak or strong and everything in between, Occupy sends a message that we can all relate to.

Edward Jennings  – Milford, Conecticut –

The Occupy Movement means equality. The 1% are ruining this country with their selfish intent. It is up to us the 99% to take the country back to where it belongs. To the people not the money.

Camila Rodriguez – Bronxville, New York

To me, Occupy means hope: it means light, in a world that tends to seem like a darker place every day. Discussing the movement with a friend, he was arguing that the Occupy craze is merely a ripple, and that the ocean will be calm again soon as we go back to being the corporate pit everyone is used to. I, too, think it’s a ripple, but I truly believe this ripple is a part of a series of fierce waves that have the potential of becoming a tsunami that brings us Change. To me Occupy means oneness: when humans get together they’ve demonstrated a capacity to destroy everything in their paths, but Occupy shows that if we unite we also have the capacity to rebuild, and to love.

Bill Wood – Incline Village, NV

Occupy to me means that people are paying attention. That citizens are weeding through the noise and misinformation that is being constantly forced upon us. That people are fed up with corporate greed. That integrity is preferable to arrogance and caring for others is not a sign of weakness.

Louise Briggs – Cambridge, Massachustes

The occupy movement made more people aware of the widening financial gap in this country. It will be interesting to see if the movement can grow into an organization with ideas for change. 

If we’re going to protest against people who are paid obscene amounts of money then I think we should  draw attention to more than Wall Street: Professional ball players, movie stars, and rock stars come to mind.

Bill Kelly – Speonk, New York

In a nut shell it means reason for hope ,understanding & compassion across the generations . Good luck and may the essence stay pure.