NettWerkPressBlog: UK-based Ladytron Contributes Music To Occupy This Album, A Compilation Inspired By Occupy Wall Street

Penny Palmer writes, "Songs from big-names, as well as rising musicians, will provide an anthem for the protesters involved in the uprising... As the protests gain momentum, the producers of Occupy This Album hope to provide a soundtrack to give the protesters a unified voice, as well as financial means to support the movement." Read the whole article on NettWerkPressBlog. … [Read more...]

Pitchfork: Massive Attack, Yo La Tengo, Members of TV on the Radio and Oneida, More Join the Movement

" A number of big names have joined together for Occupy This Album, a compilation to benefit the movement..." Read the whole Pitchfork article  by Jenn Pelly here. … [Read more...]

Article in Yahoo! News

 Excerpt from the  Nov.23,2011 article in Yahoo!News: "Occupy Wall Street has a benefit album planned with Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Crosby & Nash, Devo,Lucinda Williams and even some of those drummers who kept an incessant beat at Manhattan's Zuccotti Park. Participants in the protest movement said Wednesday that "Occupy This Album," which will be available sometime this winter, will also feature DJ Logic, Ladytron, Warren Haynes, … [Read more...]

Music for Occupy in the Wall Street Journal

"Jason Samel, a musician who is putting together the disc, said the goal is to raise between $1 million and $2 million to help fuel the movement that is protesting income disparity. "It's really going to be an amazing help for years to come," Samel said."   Read the whole article here. … [Read more...]

Dylan Chambers

Quote "The track is original. I wrote the chorus for the song some years back but when the Occupy Movement came about it just felt like a natural anthem, “Stand Up, Join Hands, Unite and Make a Stand”. Quite fitting, When the idea to do the song for the movement came to me was right before the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial was being unveiled. Hearing his I have a dream speech seemed like he was speaking now. Just as potent today. "As … [Read more...]