Guilty Of Giving



Photo Courtesy Of Jon  Reznick Photography

A Music For Occupy Production

“Guilty Of Giving” A Guide To Legitimate Fundraising And Activism

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June 11th at 6PM

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Occupy Sandy Has Changed The Landscape Of Relief Work

“Guilty Of Giving” – A Guide To Legitimate Fundraising and Activism

A Mini Documentary To Support #OccupySandy, #OpOkRelief, and to

spread transparency in all that we do.

Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the east coast of the United

States.  When there was no help for the undocumented community

members, or as our government likes to call them “illegal aliens”, Occupy Wall Street activists, and community members

stepped up to the plate and created a massive and well oiled relief organization called Occupy Sandy.  When the

tornados in Oklahoma devastated thousands of residents, Occupy Sandy stepped up yet again.  It is time we support

them back.

On December 18th, 2012 an organization Music For Occupy, teamed up with Viper Records and some of the biggest names in socially conscious Hip Hop to hold a fund raising concert at the Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn N.Y.

Immortal Technique, Jean Grae, Pharaohe Monch, Hasan Salaam, Poison Pen, Jarisi X, George Martinez & The Global Block Collective, and Rebel Diaz all performed among many, many other guests.  They came together to show a nearly sold out room of close to 600 people in attendance that we can come together to provide mutual aid, and raise funds all the while being completely transparent.

A few days after the concert, Immortal Technique, Viper Records, and Music For Occupy set out to The Rockaway’s, in NYC which was one of the hardest hit areas in all of the east coast.  They brought the nearly $7,000 raised from the Hip Hop Relief concert, and another relief concert MFO produced on Long Island with DJ Logic, and Nickodeums, and went to local mom and pop stores and purchased supplies, and delivered them directly to Occupy Sandy headquarters, dubbed YANA (Your Are Never Alone). With the help of cinematographers, Jeff Pliskin Of Raised Fist Propaganda, and Jon Reznick Photography, as well as Producer/Editor Jason Samel they were able to document every moment and present this to you.

Music For Occupy produced this Occumentary “Guilty Of Giving” – A Guide To Legitimate Fundraising and Activism, to show the world…

  1. There Are Still MANY people that are in dire need of relief from Hurricane Sandy, and the Tornado’s in Oklahoma . Occupy Sandy and Respond & Rebuild are STILL on the ground providing that relief, well after nearly all government agencies all but forgot about them, and many organizations have left.
  2. Undocumented human beings are still HUMAN BEINGS, and it is our humane responsibility to take care of those that need our help, when there is nobody else around.
  3. When you tell people you are going to use money which they donated for a specific cause, show them that you were honest with them. Transparency is the only way.