The Occubilly Brothers

Ocubilly hails collectively from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, Nevada and Memphis, Egypt. Singer Rayford Cletus “Ray C” Mohamed fell in love with rockabilly music as a child when his babysitter played him Wanda Jackson’s “Fujiyama Mama” on her boombox over and over while they rode a camel 50 miles to purchase groceries. Guitarist Tweedy Boss, who ran away from home at age 11 to hide out in the Coney Island Freak show, learned to pick like Dick (Dale) from his mentor “Hammerhead” Sharkstein, the human jackhammer. Blondie “Chopsticks” Page was born in a Las Vagas house of disrepute but was soon put into an orpahage and adopted by a Hare Krishna family in New Jersey. She was arrested for counterfeiting false ID’s and credit cards as a teenager and served 2 years in Rykers island, where she got the nick name “Chop Sticks” because she would smuggle pairs from all the Chinese take out orders so she could play the drums on her cell room toilet. The band met, as most bands do, on craigslist. They are happy to contribute their rousing rendition of Will Katz’s poignant lil’ 99% number to the cause.