mfmadness is the stage name of American electronic musician Matt Folcik. Folcik  is a self taught musician, and at the age of 13 began playing the guitar  while simultaneously learning how to program music with computers.  Having a convenient way to layer multiple instruments and learn how  rhythm and melody work together, he was hooked on writing pieces for
full bands. He has been in various bands during and following the couple of years after high school, following the genres of rock, punk, and metal. During the years of playing shows around Connecticut, Folcik’s musical exploration led him to began recording music at home. Starting  with sketchy set ups such as recording guitar into his computer with a cheap microphone he found laying around his home layered with programmed drums/bass/ and keys. He decided to focus on learning the techniques of producing music by himself. Years later Folcik has released a genre mixing album (Commence the Madness) under his name and an electronic
experimental dance ep (Contorted Wood Grain Smiles) under the alias of mfmadness.  Believing that everything is always in progress, he continues to  practice his craft and experiment with different genres. Folcik plans on releasing a full length album soon into 2012, and looks forward to performing his new material live.

Why you wrote the song?

I wanted to create a piece that captured the energy of the movement. A  piece that would capture the energy behind marching with our brothers and sisters. I made this piece to go along with what I was seeing. An idea sprouting up from the ground, embracing anyone with a general disdain for our country, the powers that be attempting to squash us, only making us stronger.


What the movement means to me/where do I think the movement is heading?

The first time in my life that I ever felt proud to be an American was when I was watching our brothers and sisters standing up for what they believe in. The first time I saw people being selfless rather then selfish so close to home. The movement was already in action before it was ever spoken about it. These are the feelings so many of us have had forever. This is only the beginning. The next step in human evolution.