Kanaska Carter

Kanaska Carter is a 27 year old singer/songwriter/guitarist and activist born in Newfoundland, Canada.
Her music ranges from such topics as mental freedom, spirituality and political truth.
A Day 1 Occupier – Kanaska came to New York for activism associated with the 10th anniversary of 9/11. She started living at Liberty Plaza(Zuccotti Park) in NYC since Sept. 17th/2011 until’ the raid on Nov. 15th/2011.
Kanaska is publicly known for her activism with Occupy Wall Street while working as part of Media/Livestream, Library, Peace Keeping, Comfort, Taking “Stack” and Facilitation.
And here with the Fovea Exhibitions ‘Occupy!‘: http://www.foveaexhibitions.org
She has organized festivals, events, shows, booked bands and raised money for the Ottawa Humane Society, Occupy Wall Street and for the West Park Presbyterian Church in NYC(who helped to house occupiers after the raid) via “Occupocalypse” and “Occupy The Concert”. ¬†She has been writing a book for 4 1/2 years now called ‘The Eerie Theory Observer’. It is now completed and will be available sometime soon for purchase.
Growing up poor she had to find ways to make money to survive. Kanaska is a Spiritual guide, Tattoo artist, Radio show and Livestream host, Body-painter, Custom artist for clothing, Guitars/Instruments, Skateboards/Longboards, Musical Jewellery, Clothing, Murals, Hair Design/Accessories and more.
What Occupy Means To Me: Conscious Creative Communities Worldwide For The People, By The People Where Our Basic Needs Are Met And We All Have Freedom To Be Who We Are Without Discrimination. We Are The 100%. We Are All One.
My song ‘Freedom Of Speech’ was created while I was living in the ghetto of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Was thinking of how terrible it is that our rights are constantly infringed upon. I was sitting in The Washington Hotel and heard a sex trade worker running away from a man outside of my window. This area I was living in was the poorest zipcode in Canada. I have seen on a daily basis individuals treated like caged animals.
All living beings deserve Freedom Of Speech, Freedom To Believe and Freedom To Be Happy.
Main Website/Blog: http://kanaska.webs.com