Gentleman Brawlers


Gentleman Brawlers hail from the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, and consist of songwriter Matt Walsh (guitar/vocals), Jim Thomson (guitar/vocals), Becca Fox (vocals), Martin Jørgensen (drums) and Caitlin Oliver-Gans (bass). Before the group formed in early 2011, Thomson played with Hardly Art/Sub Pop alums Le Loup, and Walsh with New Yorker cartoonist Andy Friedman’s band, the Other Failures.

The group is led musically by the guitar interplay of Thomson and Walsh, and visually by vocalist/dancer Becca Fox’s compelling sense of stagecraft. One part harmonically adventurous rock band and one part classic vocal group, the Brawlers pen memorable hooks and sing them in tight harmony over a musical bed that fuses ambient, chiming guitar arpeggios with slippery Latin & funk polyrhythms. Live, the group are known for intense performances that walk the line between slick songcraft and sonic experimentation.

In early 2012, the group contributed their song “I Ain’t No Brian Wilson (I Was Made For These Times)” to Occupy This Album, a musical tribute to the Occupy movement. Their debut EP is scheduled for release in June of 2012.