Bill Mlotok


Bill Mlotok was born in New York, lived in Plainview, Long Island, moved to Puerto Rico for 3 years of high school and then returned to NY.   In 1973 Bill left for Berkeley, California, where he married and lived for 26 years.  He now resides in rural Oregon with his wife.  He spent hours of his younger years listening to his older sister’s 45 RPM records, and fell in love with Rock & Roll.  When he was 12 years old, his uncle gave him an old guitar, and there was no looking back after that.  Musical influences include The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Beatles, The Stones, Clapton, Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown, CSN& Y and too many more than can be listed here.  Music serves him as a vehicle for expressing his socio-political views and frustrations with society and the abuses that go on in the world around us all.  He wrote and recorded “Brazilia” as an expression of his outrage at the rape of the Earth’s resources, and the societies that tolerate this.  Now retired, he no longer performs, but continues to write, play and record when a situation moves him.  He is sustained by music, his family and the knowledge that popular action is afoot to promote a fair society and to preserve the planet for his grandchildren, and the hope that social awareness and action are alive around the globe.