Amanda Palmer



Amanda Palmer is a performer, director, blogger and musician who founded the
internationally acclaimed punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls. In 2008, Amanda released Who Killed Amanda Palmer, her debut solo album which was produced by Ben Folds and was
accompanied with the release of a fine art photography book on which she
collaborated with esteemed author Neil Gaiman (who Palmer also recently
married). Amanda also tends a widely-read blog
and twitter-feed and was dubbed “The Social Media Queen of Rock-N-Roll”
by The Huffington Post. Her new music project, Amanda
Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra, is taking the concept of
crowd-sourcing to an entirely new level. She splits her time between New
York and Melbourne, Australia, and would like for you to visit her on
the internet. Amanda will release a brand new album in September 2012 with her new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra, followed by extensive touring the U.S., Europe and Australia. She will also present a Pop-Up Art tour in 6 cities this summer in conjunction with the new album.


I wrote this song (Ukelele Anthem) hoping to remind everybody that you don’t need to be music-educated or practiced to make music or art that affects people. I believe in an old-school punk philosophy that music belongs to everybody and can be made by and made for anybody. A lot of what people are discussing around Occupy is the same issue : who is “allowed” what?
The movement – and it’s future – really will be a testament to how able this generation is to get its collective shit together and make change. I hope we do it with all my heart…even just the few moments we’ve created thus far have sent a powerful message. Time to keep going.

When I toured Occupy sites on the east and west coasts, I always closed my set with this song…it just fit perfectly. I love it most because it’s not a bitch-fest about the way things are, it’s a reminder that music is joyful an ridiculous but it can also be so powerful as to change lives, fate and history. And it has. RIP Sid and John.