Richard Barone


with new original song entitled “Hey, Can I Sleep on Your Futon?”



Richard Barone has joined fellow musicians like David Crosby, Third Eye Blind, Yoko Ono, and filmmaker Michael Moore in supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement by contributing a new original song to the Occupy This Album project.

Barone’s involvement began when a friend at Gibson Guitars introduced him to the producers of Occupy this Album.

“I was approached about this project in the middle of December right before Christmas.  They told me that we could have some time at Soundtrack Studio and there was an open slot in a week.  I put my Christmas shopping on hold, called up my frequent collaborator Matthew Billy and told him ‘hey, we need to be a part of this – but we only have a week to write and record a song.’  His response was ‘then let’s get to work!'”

The result is a gentle but persuasive call to arms detailing the struggles of four characters hurt by the recession; a soldier, a musician, a recent graduate, and a finance industry worker. The lyrics speak to how this country’s implicit promise of hard work being rewarded has been broken.

“The night before the recording session we still hadn’t settled on an idea.  We thought that maybe an older protest song could inspire us and started combing through a list.  At the very bottom of the list was the popular song from the Great Depression, ‘Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’ by Yip Harburg & Jay Gorney. The message of that tune written 81 years ago is 100% applicable to our current situation.  We took that sentiment, added a modern twist and out came ‘Hey, Can I Sleep on Your Futon?’  We spent the rest of the night writing and made it to the studio a bit sleep-deprived, but with a finished song.”


Of the OWS movement itself, Barone says, “This is an unprecedented raising of voices. I am thrilled to add mine to the many.”


Richard Barone is an acclaimed recording artist, performer, producer, and author. Since his beginnings on radio at age seven as “The Littlest DJ” and later fronting indie-pop icons The Bongos, Barone has produced countless studio recordings. He has collaborated with artists in every musical genre – from Lou Reed and Moby to Liza Minnelli, Tiny Tim and most recently, Pete Seeger. As musical and theatrical director, he has scored shows and staged all-star concert events at such venues as Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. His memoir FRONTMAN: Surviving the Rock Star Myth was published by Hal Leonard Books and performed as a Musical Reading at Carnegie Hall. His recent solo album, Glow (Bar/None Records), was produced by Tony Visconti and others. Visit for more info.


“Hey, Can I Sleep On Your Futon”

Written by Richard Barone & Matthew Billy

Produced and mixed by Matthew Billy

(c) 2012 Billy Barone Productions c/o Richard Barone Music. All rights reserved.