Los Cintron

Spanish Flamenco Duo. Brothers Rafael and Cristobal Born in Salamanca Spain. Came to America with family at an early age.  Though, they spent most of their life here, they kept their Spanish roots, culture, and music very close to them. Both Rafael and Cristobal showed promise at an early age. Taught and encouraged to sing by their mother Maria Teresa Laguna Santos. Rafael began singing his first harmony at the age of 8 and began playing guitar at age 9.Cristobal began singing at 6yrs of age; he didn’t begin playing guitar till his teens. Rafael was fortunate to be influenced and studied guitar with musical masters such as Sabicas, and Mario Escudero. It is evident that they did not choose music, but music chose them! Born Performers this due exemplifies all that is exciting and romantic about la juerga (the jam). Their music is expansive, they sing with the soul of Gypsies, and enchant you with their rhythms. Whatever the event, they are truly the spice.