Junkyard Empire

The last day of the 2008 RNC protests in St. Paul, Minnesota marked the point at which the five members of Junkyard Empire became more than a band; they became movement makers.  From the start, Junkyard Empire knew that being political by simply performing at political events would never be enough. They made the decision then to  take their music directly to the movement. Nearly 4 years later, they stand as one of the most politically relevant, and musically groundbreaking live bands of today, solidly planted on the front lines of the burgeoning revolution.  Being gassed, threatened, accused of inciting a riot, and arrested is all in their collective history.  They do this not only through the intense political rap rhetoric of Brihanu, but through the adventuresome live playing of the four piece backup band, creating a complex mashup of hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, and ambient electronics, often utilizing electrified trombone.


With four records under their belt and a fifth on the way, a tour of Cuba as guests of the Ministry of Culture, and acknowledgement of their talents by both the political and musical press, they have carved out a niche for themselves as an indispensable piece of the soundtrack to the new American revolution. They have caused fists to rise in the air along side such acts as Boots Riley and the Coup, Blue King Brown, national slam poetry champion Kyle “Guante” Mhyre, Cuban hip-hop legends Obsession, blues legend Watermelon Slim, and activist rappers Toki Wright and Head Rock.  They have performed at rallies and occupations at the Minnesota State Capital, Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, Union Square Park in NYC, and soon there is talk of playing the National Occupation of Washington, DC (NOWDC) in April along side some of the legends of radical music.  They have also made major club appearances in the Twin Cities, NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Iowa, South Dakota, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon.  Junkyard Empire has just as much talent as activist zeal, and there is more where that came from.  They recorded their 5th record over a virtually non-stop four day session at Waterbury Studios in Minneapolis with producer/engineer Adam Krinsky (No Bird Sing, Adam Svek, Peter Wolf Crier).  The record, still untitled, will come in the form of a 5-song EP, freely distributed on the Internet, promising to be their most realized sound to date.