Julie B. Bonnie

Photo By: Renaud Monfourny


Julie b bonnie plays violin, she sings, she plays guitar, she writes her songs, lyrics and music.
She performed her first concert when she was 14 years old….and never stopped since then.
Different bands, FORGUETTE MI NOTE (two records on a very small and indie label), and CORNU ( 2 records on Island/Universal). She now plays solo!!! First record in 2001 on island record, and now “On est tous un jour de l’air”, produced by Kid Loco.
She had been on stage all her life, touring all over europe, opening for MORPHINE (at the band’s demand), for Louise Attaque ( produced by Gordon Gano, Violent Femme).
She also composed a “Music for babies” as she actually works in a maternity hospital. She is deeply involved in the women’s battle for giving birth in good conditions.
Her songs are always haunted, simple folk with a twist, deep lyrics.french or english.
She is that kind of artist that lives real life. foot on earth, head in the sky.

Management : jl.bonaventure@gmail.com