Danger Field

“Danger Field is the result of four friends from different bands in New York’s Capital District suddenly finding themselves in desperate need of a musical outlet. They decided that the time was right to act on an idea that guitarist Gary Braglia had several years ago – a no frills old-school hardcore band. Gary thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if we took the experienced musicianship of bassist Steve Hegener and drummer Eric Busta, a lot of energy from lead singer Chuck Dunham, the original blueprint of hardcore punk (i.e. no blitzkrieg of notes, or pretty vocal parts; no ironic hair styles or tight pants), and the guidance and production of one of the founding architects of that blueprint  – the legendary Don Fury.  Don helped shape the sound of bands like Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today and pretty much every notable hardcore band of the 80’s.  The result of this formula was a 6-song EP in 2009 and last year’s full-length album, both produced with Fury at the board.

The song we donated to this comp, titled “Staying Out and Calling In“, speaks to the disenchanted working-class spirit of both the Occupy and 99% movements.  The lyrics begin by invoking the mind of a fed up office worker (“…victimized, compromised, subsidized…stuck inside, dreary-eyed, office supplies) and culminate to a unified, anthemic chorus; an attitude that is manifested by the actions of the Occupiers, a notion all of us have considered at one some point in our working lives, and a rallying-cry that should now be shouted until those that would turn a deaf ear can no longer ignore it: “We’re Not Going To Work!”

We insist that you play this song very loud and shout along with Danger Field. “