Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo is an acclaimed American indie/art/punk/folk rock band formed in Hoboken, NJ in 1984. In keeping with a history of collaborative efforts (past collaborations have included, among others,Yoko Ono, Daniel Johnston, Jad Fair), the band has chosen here to record with some old friends under the moniker Yo La Tengo (& the Lost City Rumblers). Called “the quintessential critics’ band”, YLT maintains as strong a cult following as ever. They’ve released 12 studio albums.


-If your submission is an original track inspired by the movement, what is/was the creative impetus behind it?
-“To quote The Scene Is Now: “There’s politics in every song/Try and sing one that has no meaning/La da di da da-da-da. . . .” But for the occasion we wanted something more explicit than our usual between-the-lines material, and proposed a collaboration with some of our old friends: Sue Garner and Rick Brown (Fish & Roses, Run On, Rattle), Willie Klein (Mofungo, Escape By Ostrich) and Chris Nelson (Mofungo, Escape By Ostrich .. and The Scene Is Now). They suggested “Big Fish,” written by Mike Sappol and performed over the years by Sue and Rick in various lineups—we all agreed it speaks directly to Occupy Wall Street.”

-What does this movement means to you?
-“If I could answer that question succinctly, Yo La Tengo might dabble in obviously political material more often.”