Occupy This Album: Rock and Roll Legacy, Grassroots Artists Lend Music And Support for 99%

November 23, 2011 – Crosby and Nash, Third Eye Blind, Devo, Jackson Browne, Ladytron, Lloyd Cole, The Guthrie Family and filmmaker and activist Michael Moore are coming together to contribute their voices and talents to Occupy This Album, a compilation record inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that will be released in winter 2011-2012. Like the movement it represents and supports, songs from big-name artists as well as up-and-coming musicians like Matt Pless and Global Block and will make up the release, which will provide an anthem and rallying cry for the protesters involved in the uprising.

“The Occupation movement is really the voice of the people, it’s an idea that’s been a long time coming,” said Graham Nash, who will be contributing to the album. “I fully support their non-violent protests against a system that is carefully crafted in favor of the rich one percent.”

Michael Moore who has been an ongoing, outspoken supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement will be singing on the album. Renowned independent artist Stephan Said, who has played a major role in the Occupy Wall Street movement across the country, will also be lending a track. Additional contributing artists will include Aeroplane Pageant, Chroma, DJ Logic, Joel Rafael, Lucinda Williams, Mike Rimbaud, Mike + Ruthy, My Pet Dragon, Tao Seeger, Toots and The Maytals and Warren Haynes. Additional artists will be announced; new names are committing daily to the effort. All proceeds from the album will go directly to the growing Occupy Wall Street movement.

“The movement provided the initial spark for ‘Something’s Got to Give,’” said musician Matt Pless, who has been actively involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. “It’s the energy that I experienced while being down in Zucotti Park that inspired this song.  The lyrics convey a universal feeling of compassion and a hope for a better existence that I believe are the common threads that wind through everyone. This positive spirit behind this song is a reflection of what birthed the movement and still exists at its core.”

Music has provided a source of inspiration for similar movements in the past, from the 60’s anti-war protest in the United States to Tiananmen Square in the 80’s in China. As the struggle gains momentum, the producers of the album hope to provide a soundtrack to give the protesters a unified voice, as well as financial means to support the movement.

The album is being produced by Music for Occupy, which includes Executive Producer and Creator Jason Samel; Executive Producer Maegan Hayward, COO of Soundtrack Studios; Alex Emanuel, Professional Actor, Independent Musician and Graphic Artist; and Executive Producer Gregg Luckmann, Attorney. The group was inspired to create a benefit album that would incorporate musicians that are struggling to have a voice to some of the most famous music stars today. Album cover art has been contributed by political cartoonist and illustrator Robert Grossman.

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Alexis Thomas