Matt Pless


“If it’s an original track inspired by the movement, what is/was the creative impetus behind it?
While “Something’s Got to Give” it is not exclusively about Occupy Wall Street, the movement itself provided the initial spark. It’s the energy that I experienced while being down in Zucotti park that inspired this song.  The lyrics convey more of a universal feeling of compassion and a hope for a better existence that I believe are the common threads that wind through everyone. This positive spirit behind this song is a reflection of what birthed the movement and still exists at its core.”

“What does this movement means to yo
If you cage a lion for too long, it’s gonna roar and then, maybe settle for where it is. This movement must exist if only for the reason that humanity must not settle. We must continue to grow. The kings and queens may be running the deck, but now the joker has an ace up it’s sleeve.”


Matt Pless makes music, he writes lyrics, he draws pictures and he sings and dances and builds space crafts out of milk cartons. Matt started his first band at 17, they played punk rock, and like most other suburban teens, they knew a limited amount of power chords but had a lot of heart and knew how to rock and roll! This band was called 3 Prong Outlet. Matt wrote the music and lyrics that made up their 4 CD releases now highly collectible of course) and provided the lead vocals in this 3 piece punk rock power pop amphetamine pill. After several years of extensive touring, the band called in quits and Matt went out on his own and began cranking out more music than ever before. Along the way, people started to notice that he could really write some great songs, praised for his lyrical prowess by various members of the hipster music snob academy, Matt quickly built a reputation on the underground ..wherever that is… music scene. To date he has released 3 studio albums of original music and several live and acoustic only collections. A firm believer that a song can sound a thousand different ways, as well as an indecisive obsessive compulsive nut bag, Matt has been known to re-record and release several versions of the same song over a period of time. He has toured all over the country several times playing his infectious brand of folk punk acoustic rag pop, from the streets of New York city to the boardwalks of Venice beach California, he has gained a reputation as an excellent live performer. Aside from his solo work, he also writes music for a project called “Kotterpin” which consists of himself and, with the exception of his brother on drums, a rotating cast of band members and lunatics.Come see him when he stops in your town to perform….Oh yes…he also plays guitar and harmonica.