Ladytron are an British electronic band from Liverpool, Merseyside, formed in 1999. The band consists of Helen Marnie (lead vocals, synthesizers), Mira Aroya (vocals, synthesizers), Daniel Hunt (synthesizers, electric guitar, vocals) and Reuben Wu (synthesizers).
Their sound blends electropop with New Wave and shoegazing elements. Ladytron described their sound as “electronic pop”. They focused on a balance between pop structures and experimental sounds. Some of the group’s songs performed by Aroyo contain lyrics written in her native Bulgarian.
They have released five studio albums so far:  Light & Magic (2002), Witching Hour (2005), Velocifero (2008) and Gravity the Seducer (2011).
Their name was taken from the song “Ladytron” by Roxy Music. According to Brian Eno, once a member of Roxy Music, Ladytron are “the best of English pop music”