Dylan Chambers


“The track is original. I wrote the chorus for the song some
years back but when the Occupy Movement came about it just felt like a
natural anthem, “Stand Up, Join Hands, Unite and Make a Stand”. Quite
fitting, When the idea to do the song for the movement came to me was right
before the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial was being unveiled. Hearing his
I have a dream speech seemed like he was speaking now. Just as potent

“As a musician I relay on making a living from people coming to
shows and purchasing music. With the economy so bad people cant afford to
go out to shows etc. I’m tired of the state of the country where corruption
is the norm. I wish the movement stayed non violent but it just shows you
how frustrated people are with not being able to work. Millions living in
poverty and its not right. This country needs to be fixed from the ground