New York’s Cosmonaut are “four guys who play music, not because (they) want to, but because (they) have to”. The band’s recently been recording with Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Wavves, The Hives, Modest Mouse), and are an indie rock buzz band to seriously look out for in 2012…

“The lyrics are an expression of frustration leading into two diverging paths. One where the world is so bleak that it’s impossible to find any purpose or hope for change, and another were such a movement is taken up for personal means. This song is super self aware. It offers a sentiment, and then self-criticizes it’s reactionary behavior.”

“This movement is hopefully the starting point for self awareness. People need to know that eveything’s not ok, and that’s ok, but the choices that need to be made in the immediate future for those of my generation are going be very difficult. Our way of life has been exposed as sickening, and who is going make it better? The American dream has been compromised.” – Jack Manley (singer/guitarist)