Aeroplane Pageant


“We chose “Big Little Wolfs” because of the song’s inherent childlike quality and allegorical imagery, where the wolves in the song’s narrative metaphorically represent the ferocious greed and unrelenting aggression that threatens our existence.
And we felt symbolically this idea relates to what’s going on this world, where corporations and the 1%, with their unrivaled appetite for money and world dominance, have all but extinguished our working-class.
But rather than fighting this almost pathological aggression with additional aggression, the song encourages its listeners to peacefully and intellectually rise above the madness, “There’s wolfs in the yard, there’s wolfs in the street, there’s wolfs in the TV…so float above the yard, we’ll float above the yard!”
By the song’s end a choir of voices unites and revolts, enthusiastically repeating, chanting, and stomping out the phrases, “Big little wolfs they are! Big little wolfs they are! We’ll float above the yard!””

“This movement is a celebration of hope, humanity, and imagination, and it marks the end of apathy in our country—-a criticism The Facebook and Me Generation have (perhaps rightfully) endured for quite some time now. And it’s inspiring to finally see the youth and beyond of America rallying together to peacefully dialogue about our country’s precarious economic future. Because people now understand that we’ve reached a veritable critical point, an impasse, in our country’s short history, and if our political and fiscal systems are not radically changed soon then it’s conceivable that we might all witness the painful collapse of our country as we know it—-ushering in a very real darkness that no one could possibly be prepared for.”


Aeroplane Pageant is a group of childhood friends that’s intent on exploring an aesthetic that blurs the line between what’s real and what’s fake, while combining poetic-minded content with the latest experimental pop production techniques. “We live in an age of misinformation and misrepresentation, where things are presented in a way that’s often more than real. With our music we want to capture the absurd yet playful whimsy of these illusory and hyperrealistic times,” emphasizes singer/songwriter Brian Kelly. With their latest album, FLOAT ABOVE THE YARD, produced & mixed by 2-Time Grammy Winner “Bassy” Bob Brockman (Notorious B.I.G, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Debbie Gibson) the band expands upon this distinct vision.

AP now celebrates the 2011 US release of its first single, “Help Me Shoot This Apple Off My Head,” by making it available for free to download on the band’s website. Go to: The video/single was featured on Artist Direct, premiered on Consequence of Sound, and was AOL Spinner’s ‘Video of the Day.’ The second single, “Brief Confessions of a Young Bear” premiered on Consequence of Sound, and is listed as top 10 video on its site. Finally, the third single “Cities as a Dream” premiered on Prefix Mag.

Previously, 2009 single “Stars Still Pretty” was AOL Spinner’s Top Ten Download of 2009, Magnet Music’s Video of Day 2009, which also premiered on Much Music and MTVU. The band was also recognized as Newsday’s Top Ten Artist of 2009, and was also featured on NBC New York and CNN.

Whether joining the stage with artists ranging from Vampire Weekend, Psychedelic Furs, Tokyo Police Club, The Antlers, Hold Steady, Dr. Dog, The Drums, and White Rabbits, or collaborating with such artists as American writer Rick Moody (author of Ice Storm), or producer Shane Stoneback (Jim Jarmusch, Sleigh Bells, Cults, Fucked Up), both of whom are currently remixing songs from upcoming LP, Aeroplane Pageant has become an integral addition to the New York art pop scene by pooling together sounds both big and small, organic and electronic, insular and celebratory, bright and dark, abstract and material, noisy and melodic, and repetitious and formless—thus creating a sound and vision that’s entirely their own, which only fully materializes with their unhinged cerebral live show. Newsday has called Aeroplane Pageant a band that “swirls genres and decades only to craft something distinctive and new.” Likewise, states that “everything about their music is one hundred percent unique”.